• Roumanian Industry

Between 22nd-25th May 2019, at Expo Arad, will take place the reference event for the Roumanian industry, focused on the latest solutions the industrial companies need to develop.

More than 100 exhibiting companies will greet you at Demo Metal and Demo Plast (Vest), with the proposal to compare the large offer and to choose the best solutions for the challenges met in the production process.

The surface of Demo Metal and Demo Plast (Vest) is 90% booked. A lot of companies, important international brands, but also local companies from both areas have booked their space for the most dynamic industrial event. This fusion has brought even more requests from companies belonging to both fields and we are doing our best to extend the space. For all the interested companies, more information can be found by sending an email to the addresses below:

[email protected] and [email protected]

Also, in order to give the interested companies the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages brought by this unique event, we prepared a SPECIAL OFFER. For more details, feel free to contact us:

[email protected]  and [email protected].

Demo Metal and Demo Plast (Vest), together for the industry! Between 22-25 May, Expo Arad