Between 22nd-25th May 2019, at Expo Arad, will take place the reference event for the Roumanian industry, focused on the latest solutions the industrial companies need to develop.

More than 100 exhibiting companies will greet you at Demo Metal and Demo Plast (West), with the proposal to compare the large offer and to choose the best solutions for the challenges met in the production process.

The surface of Demo Metal and Demo Plast (West) is 90% booked. A lot of companies, important international brands, but also local companies from both areas have booked their space for the most dynamic industrial event. This fusion has brought even more requests from companies belonging to both fields and we are doing our best to extend the space. For all the interested companies, more information can be found by sending an email to the addresses below:

[email protected] and [email protected]

Also, in order to give the interested companies the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages brought by this unique event, we prepared a SPECIAL OFFER. For more details, feel free to contact us:

[email protected]   and  [email protected].


Demo Metal and Demo Plast (West), together for the industry! Between 22-25 May, Expo Arad


Automation, digitalization, industrial Internet of Things and industry 4.0. Are these terms ever more present in your life? Do you know their definition, but you don’t have their practical representation? Do you want to test and understand their benefits? Come to SMART FACTORY to get in touch  with these latest solutions, with specialists and companies that can introduce you to the industry of the future! Start a new adventure with your best partners!


This year, within DEMO METAL & DEMO PLAST VEST 2019, between 22-25 May at EXPO Arad we are waiting technology enthusiasts. Get  in contact with technical digitalization solutions which meet the demands of companies interested in stepping into the industry of the future.


SMART FACTORY meets technology enthusiasts and those interested in finding and testing the most advanced smart productivity solutions through a project initiated by T&T. It is is a space where the future of manufacturing is already shaping the current production processes.


SMART FACTORY (V1) is the first step in assimilating technologies and solutions for the digitalization of current manufacturing processes.


Machines and equipment, robots and automation, hardware and software in a start-up project, functional – simulating real-life situations – demonstrating in real time the benefits of the solutions proposed to the industry.


SMART FACTORY offers the opportunity to educate and open the Romanian market for the IIoT solutions through direct contact with them.


Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the first pilot demonstration of building a smart factory! Sign up now!



The previous edition - Demo Plast West 2017

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Carried out in the western side of Romania, characterized by industrial development and continuous investments, the novelties and unique opportunities presented will enable DEMO PLAST West to attract professionals and specialists from Romania and neighboring countries.

DEMO PLAST West will give visitors a chance to meet market leaders and witness the operation of the equipment, technologies and market innovations. This is where you will find suitable suppliers and solutions which meet your precise needs.

Do not miss the opportunity to take part in an event that will shape and individualize an expanding industry which is becoming growingly involved in other industrial sectors.

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For registering as a visitor at Demo Plast West 2019, please use the following link: https://demoplast.ro/vest/en/for-visitors/

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    We inform you that at Demo Metal and Demo Plast West live photos and videos are taken by the TEHNIC MEDIA team, press and professional photographers. These will be made public on the various channels of communication (online and print) of Tehnic Media, the media and the partners of the event.


    By participating, you agree to publish these photos and videos. Also, by signing up for the event, you agree to receive information about Demo Metal. Subsequently, you can unsubscribe anytime using the newsletter stripping link.


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    • Peter HOCHMUTH, President, Banat German Economy Club Association

      ” Our members are very interested in this initiative. It is for the first time when two important fairs take place in the field of technology and industry – metal and plastics – West of the country, in Arad. Many of our members, and not only, work in these fields. Being one of the most important industrial regions of Romania, the Banat hosts hundreds of enterprises focused on the industry, national and international small and medium sized enterprises, for which such events are a very good opportunity to exchange know-how. We wish good luck to the organizers and participants alike!” 

    • Raluca CIBU-BUZAC, Director for Regional Politics and Internalization Office, Consortium Coordinator Ro-Boost SMEs

      "The Agency for Regional Development West, as the coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network for the western and south-western regions of Romania, and AUTOMOTIVEST Cluster  appreciate the initiative of Tehnic Media to join the DEMO METAL VEST and DEMO PLAST VEST 2017 events. Also, we are delighted by the scale and professionalism of these two events, as we noticed with the organization of Tehnic Media events of the previous years. From our point of view, we shall be happy to take part in both events, to organize a brokerage event within DEMO PLAST VEST, to be present with the EEN offer of services and to present a few examples of the impact these services may generate for the companies in our region”.

    • Gelu MATEESCU, General Director Leman Industrie, initiator of The Centre of Competences in Plastics

      The Timisoara Centre of Competences in Plastics, via Profimatt association for professional orientation and training,welcomes the initiative of Tehnic Media to organize an exhibition in the field of plastics processing in the West of the country, inArad. In the West of the country, there is a high concentration of manufacturing companies active in the field of processing plastics and other associated materials, being a representative region of Romania. More than that, the sector is continually growing and becoming ever more competitive. The Centre of Competences in Plastics supports the companies in the field to increase their employees’ competences via professional trainings and improve competitiveness via research and development projects and process optimization. The debates and meetings to take place at Demo Plast Vest will help us understand the needs of the companies and will equally help companies to find solutions in order to improve competences and competitiveness. We are waiting for you at Demo Plast Vest!”.


      ‘’DEMO PLAST VEST - A new fair? I wondered, just like any other company in the plastic industry. I struggled with the idea, I discussed it with my co-workers, I asked other companies and/or people from the industry whose opinion we should all take into consideration. It was difficult! I felt a lot of pressure. Everyone had their eyes on us and was waiting for us to make a decision that they could follow. I was already tired. I woke up one morning, came into the office, brewed my coffee, smelled its nice aroma, and instead of feeling the same pressure as the day before, all I felt was joy!!! It was actually the first time when I felt free!!! The first time when I could choose which fair to go to!!! WOW!!! It is awesome to have 2 fairs dedicated to the plastic industry, for the first time in Romania!!! ...Competition is always good for customers and even suppliers - it won’t let them sleep. The same applied to the fairs too: as soon as DEMO PLAST appeared in Arad, in an area filled with plastic companies. …I closed my eyes! It was almost like I was hovering over Romania’s map and I was headed towards Arad. I immediately started seeing: YAZAKI, VDS, SCHLEMMER, HUF, MAHLE, WEIDMULLER, SOL PLUS, VALEO LIGHTINING, ELBA, DURA AUTOMOTIVE, INTERPART, LEMAN, MGI COUTIER, SWOBODA, PLASTEC, REINERT, VERNICOLOR, CAPIROM, and of course, PLASTOR. Ooh…Lugoj…HELLA, SCHIEFFER and Lipova – SUMIDA, OESCHLER…. …Orăștie, FILPLAST, CHIMSPORT, ALSECA, Cluj: THOMAS, NAPOCHIM, DE LONGHI…yes, there’s some plastic over there, an area that keeps on growing while providing plenty of opportunities, something new, desirable, to try… I hope to see as many of our customers as possible, because I’d like to offer them something even more special. And I’m also thinking that people are more relaxed and open to new ideas during summer, in June, than they are during the chilly autumn months. Hence, we chose ARAD and June with its long summer days and perfect night temperatures. What will be our technical and artistic displays? We’ll share that with you as the fair approaches, and anyway, those who know us, know we won’t show-up at the fair empty-handed!’’

    • Prof. Dr. Eng. Ion SERES, General Manager PLASTOR SA Oradea

      ‘’I find that having DEMO PLAST in the west of the country is beneficial and comes at a most opportune time of the year, not because of the distance from Bucharest, but particularly its proximity to a very dynamic and developed industrial area. DEMO PLAST will thus benefit from the support of a very strong industrial community and a geographic position that enables it’s international opening. We find it reassuring that, for the first time, the initiator and organizer is a knowledgeable stakeholder of the plastic processing industry, as T&T is the first and only magazine that addresses the Romanian plastic processing sector. It is a technical magazine that I appreciate and I have been cooperating with since it started, 15 years ago. I find T&T’s efforts to be beneficial and worthy of support from all the companies and associations aiming for the consolidation of a professional community of the Romanian specialists in the field of plastic processing.’’

    • Adrian SANDU, The Association of Automotive Manufacturers of Romania (ACAROM), General Secretary and Member of the Board of Directors

      ‘’ACAROM and Tehnic Media have been cooperating for more than 5 years, supporting and promoting events and media materials that are relevant for the 160 members of our association. We welcome the initiatives of putting together industry fairs, in Bucharest as well as in other regions of Romania such as Arad. The metalworking and plastic processing, the transforming them into high-tech components, is now a major challenge for the automotive companies, who are faced with various constraints (quality, precision, weight, environment, etc.) when it comes to both design and manufacturing process. This is why we want the new brand DEMO PLAST fair to become a key event that will showcase the latest generations of machines, technologies and solutions. Moreover, we believe Demo Metal is already an established event that sizes up the target level of the metal processing sector.’’

    • Iulia MIHAI, Public Relations, Mass Media and Marketing, INCD ECOIND

      ,,Demo Plast Vest is the event that showcases the potential of competitive companies in the plastic processing industry. Congratulations to the organizers for their interest in the exhibitors and their professional approach in the launching of the Demo Plast Vest exhibition! This first edition was a real success. Thank you all! ”

    • Alexandra IACOB, Sales Manager,ECOFRIEND RECYCLING

      "I can say I’ve had a very positive experience throughout the Demo Plast Vest event. The participation to this fair was a success for us and we are very happy for being here."

    • Ernest CSATA, Trade Agent,Tool-Temp Ungaria Kft

      ,,Despite a lower flow of visitors than in other dedicated fairs or exhibitions, we’ve had the pleasant surprise to see that professionals came in large numbers. For instance, we’ve had many visitors in Bucharest or other fairs, but not many were professionals. This is exactly what we and other exhibitors are after, to attract as many potential collaborators as possible and retain them as future clients. The organizers were very involved, Demo Plast Vest being exceptionally organized.”

    • Engineer Oana Gîngu, Ph.D, head of the Scientific Research and Program Management Department, Universitatea din Craiova

      ,,This is the first participation of the Craiova University at a fair dedicated to professionals in the plastic processing industry. We were impressed with the organization of the event, the hospitality of the hosts, and particularly the atmosphere surrounding the event. B2B meetings had a significant impact, as they enabled direct links with the industry and the research community […]. ”

    • Nicolae DUMITRU, General Manager YUDO ROMÂNIA

      „The first edition of Demo Plast Vest was very interesting. First, we were charmed by its location in the west of the country. It was a very well organized event. The organizers were very kind, the logistics very efficient. Our stand was visited by current customers and new companies alike, with prospects to work with them in the future as well. We have not concluded any contracts yet, as they are working with some of our competitors for the time being, but we hope to persuade them to test our products too.”

    • Florea SANDA, General Manager of TEHNICA NOUĂ LIBERĂ

      ,,During the fair, we discussed with several prospective buyers of equipment, but we were also approached by potential distributors of components which need us, such as Electroprecizia of Brașov, which placed a major order with us. We are very happy to start making automotive parts again.”

    • David PINTER, Sales Engineer, FANUC Hungary Kft

      ”This first edition is a good start. The exhibition was a success. Demo Plast will definitely grow bigger with every year!”

    • Dipl. Engineer Dragoș MUNTEAN, Sales manager, SPECTROMAS

      ,,I can say I loved the idea of a Forum, I appreciated a great deal of what I’ve seen here. ”


      Demo Plast Vest organized by Tehnic Media brought new opportunities to promote our Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence solutions in the field of plastics. The event will surely become a milestone for industry professionals. We thank the organizers for the professionalism in promoting and managing the event!”


    With support

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