Chem-Trend is a leading global manufacturer of process chemical specialties with a main focus on high-end mould release agents. Chem-Trend develops mould release agents used for the production of moulded components made of composites, rubber, thermoplastics, or polyurethane, die lubricants for application in the die casting industry, as well as purging compounds and inside and outside tyre paints. In addition, Chem-Trend manufactures specialized ancillary products, such as mould maintenance products, mould cleaners and mould sealers for the individual industries. Chem-Trend celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010.

In 2016, Chem-Trend acquired the Ultra Purge™ business from Moulds Plus International to widen its product portfolio for thermoplastics processing operations.

Ultra Purge ™ products are ready-to-use or concentrated chemical, mechanical or hybrid chemical/mechanical purging compounds designed to increase productivity during color and material changes, startups and carbon removal procedures. Ultra Purge™ products are recommended by major machine and colorant producers as the most cost-effective and efficient solution for cleaning plastic processing machines. Contaminants are safely ejected without harming the screw, barrel or hot runner. Expanding agents in most Ultra Purge ™ products allow the material to clean even the hardest-to-reach areas inside your machines. Ultra Purge ™ is effective for color changes, material changes and the removal of black specks. Ultra Purge™ works at the processing temperature of the production material.


Lusin® Protect G 31 F is an anti- corrosion protectant developed specifically for use in the packaging industry and is applicable for food grade applications where incidental food contact is possible.

The new product is a dry film which provides significant benefit over typical oil-based rust inhibitors. The dry film does not creep between mold plates, slides and core adjustments and can be easily removed from the mold cavity by the simple process of part molding, allowing for time and labor savings. Additionally, unlike typical oil-based rust-inhibitors the new product does not produce “oil marks” on transparent and optical parts.

During the rotomolding process, ground thermoplastic resins are tumbled against the inner surface of a hot rotating moulding tool, where the powder will coat the mould surface and fuse together. In this way, seamless hollow components can be manufactured.  Irregular shaped components in particular often comprise areas such as tight corners, narrow cross-sections or inserts near to side walls, which the moulding resin will have difficulties to flow into and fully coat the surface or fuse together. This can for example lead to surface “pinholes”.

With the Flow Promoter, Chem-Trend has developed a solution which helps the material to reach and adhere to difficult areas, thus ensuring that the moulded part takes on an even, blemish-free surface.

Chem-Trend has received a „Certificate of Compliance” to the USP Class VI panel of tests for its Mono-Coat® 1973W. The semi-permanent, water based release agent is used in the molding of  pharmaceutical and medical rubber components that may come into contact with biological material such as human blood. This includes syringe cups and vial stoppers, among others.

Mono-Coat® 1973W ensures easy release of the finish rubber products from the mold and the manufacture of clean parts with fewer knit lines and cracks in moldings. The product also helps reduce scrap and increase efficiency in the manufacture of medical rubber components. The new release agent is especially well suited for use with halobutyl rubber compounds.

Chem-Trend offers a new series of primers for the Chemlease® and Zyvax® brands. This series creates a full water-based release system for composites manufacturers – an industry first. Specially formulated to overcome challenges in wind, aerospace and fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) markets, the primer series is currently available in most countries and expected for worldwide distribution in the coming months.

With his two brands Lusin® and Ultra Purge™, Chem-Trend offers a comprehensive range of high performance purging compounds, some of which are developed specifically for providing a cost reduction in engineering plastics processing. The products are designed to make the color and material change process for injection molding machines more efficient by considerably reducing the number of parts required to make a complete switch in color or material by up to 35%. A reduction in scrap of over 90% can be achieved. To find out which purging compound is best suited for your specific situation, please visit us at our booth # xyz.