Desiring to better understand the market of plastics in Romania and its evolution possibilities we asked a few questions to the representatives of the big equipment suppliers in the field. We thank thus Mrs. Elena CODECÀ, Executive Managing Director CHORUS ENGINEERING, Mr. Bogdan NESTOR, General Manager WITTMAN BATTENFELD and Mr. Radu MAREȘ, General Manager PLASTICS BAVARIA, for having accepted our invitation.

Interview questions

1.For how many years your company has been working on the Romanian market. How do you see the evolution of the plastics processing field in Romania during this period?

2. From your point of view (as representative of a / some important manufacturing companies of plastics processing machinery), how do you assess the interest of the Romanian companies in the new technologies available on the market?

3. You are part of (represent) a big international company and have thus information on the global market evolution. Knowing also the Romanian companies, which do you think are the fields of activity in which they could develop and which here are not exploited to the full potential they have on the world / European market?

4. If opportunities should exist, what do you believe Romanian companies should do to achieve the new objectives?


Elena CODECÀ, Executive Managing Director Chorus Engineering

1.Chorus Engineering was established in 1997 and for nearly 20 years we have been working in Romania in consultancy, sales and after sales of plastics processing equipment.

Throughout this period we could notice many changes and developments in the field of plastics processing. Many companies, leaders in the past, have disappeared and new companies have emerged, both international ones, which could find a favourable environment to relocate their activity in Romania or start a new production on their own or in partnership, as well local companies. During this period of time we could notice that Romania has become a country of reference for certain production segments, earning trust of partners and customers and this with particular regards to injection moulding of technical parts especially in the Automotive, Electric, Electronic field and now also in the Medical one.

2. Within the globalization phenomenon which encompasses all of us, a company’s technological development is mandatory in order to keep or even earn market shares. The Romanian companies have very well understood this and they are extremely careful and open to new technologies offering advantages in terms of production costs optimization, increase of quality of the manufactured products and improvement of their competitiveness.

3. It is difficult to answer this question because the market is continuously changing, it is difficult to have a word on this subject. Technology advances very fast due to communications and exchange of ideas in real time. Today’s necessity shall no longer be a necessity tomorrow. One product shall quickly replace another. Here is the point. Up to now Romanian companies have been identified as possible partners for production of items designed or invented outside Romania and very rarely Romanian companies are requested to cooperate in the design of a part. Design and engineering is very often in the hand of the foreign partner, who brings know-how and solutions. This should be maybe a field of activity: dare to become possible creators or designer of new product with Romanian brand.

4. Here we have entered a little in a hypothetical area, but what I know is that every real objective can be achieved through involvement, a lot of work, seriousness and total dedication. Objectives should be achieved one after another, with a lot of patience and confidence. This is valid for one single individual as well as for one entire company. I do not see Romanian companies in difficulties to achieve an objective. During my professional life in this country I have met professionals and highly prepared people willing to learn, to improve themselves and to achieve results. And even if there is always a lot to do, I think that nowadays we can already appreciate a nice Romanian industrial environment which is growing fast day by day.

Brief description of Chorus Engineering

Since 1997 Chours Engineering is a leading company in Romania in the field of equipment for plastic processing in the sector of injection, extrusion and recycling. We deal with consultancy and sale of the following brands:

  • Sumitomo SHI Demag: injection molding machines
  • Sepro: robots for injection molding machines
  • Labotek S.A.: feeding system, dosing unit and dryers for raw plastic materials
  • Mo.di.tec: low speed grinding solutions
  • Macchi SpA: extrusion lines for film production
  • Elba srl: welding line and bags production lines
  • Weima GmbH: shredders
  • Erema GmbH: recycling and regranualtion lines
  • Sorema srl: Whashing plant for plastic waste
  • Frigel SpA: thermoregulators and chillers

In Customer Care & Service we offer a capillary presence on Romania territory. We are certified EN ISO 9001:2008, all our services and activity are carried out in accordance with the implemented and certified quality management system.


Bogdan NESTOR, General Manager Wittmann Battenfeld Romania

1. We were established in 2009 so are in Romania market from 7 years. Romanian Plastic industry image in 2009 was totally different than today. It was clear in that time that anybody can do a cheap plastic part in Romania as long there were not too delicate or esthetic parts. Since than foreign customers start to ask much more to the Romanian plastic industry. So if in 2009 all customers had injection molding machines, today they are more interested in getting a better quality of their plastic parts so they are more focus to auxiliary equipment’s like robots, dryers, mold termoregulators. Anyway I can tell with BIG LETTERS: ALL COMPANIES ACTIVE IN PLASTIC INDUSTRY TODAY ARE WINNERS AND STRONG ONES!!! All of them have been able to get the resources to pass the crisis which was very bad in 2009!

2. Only few of our customers in Romania have courage to invest in latest development in plastic industry, and here I am referring to Cell Mold, 2,3 components injection molding machines, gas injection, water injection, inline thermography, powder injection molding, BF mold. The courage is needed to invest in something and not to have a benefit on it a long period. But there are in Romania few companies who has this courage, and usually are the top ones. But when they succeed into a project than they are almost the only ones into the market who can manufacture something like this, the ones will follow are only copies of the true leaders.

 3. In some areas we do not have a market in order to expand. I see a lack in pharmaceutical area in Romania, in rest I believe we cover all area possible to cover in Romania. But I believe we are strong people and do not get sick, so there is no problem.

4. The most important is believe in ourselves that we are able to do it, because even you are fighting with an international corporation always you have your own weapons to fight with and also suppliers of equipment’s like us, has a huge experience worldwide and they can help you to transform smoothly your dream in a real success.

 Brief description of Wittmann Battenfeld

As a worldwide manufacturer, Wittmann Battenfeld offers a complete range of innovative equipment for plastic industry. With 37 direct subsidiary offices, the Wittmann Battenfeld is represented in all major plastics markets around the world. Business activities include the supply and the start-up of entire plastics processing systems, spare part support, and even upgrading of second-hand machinery.

In addition, 30 regionally active agencies represent the Wittmann Battenfeld products in the smaller markets throughout the world. For more information on Wittmann Battenfeld products and services please visit our website at


Radu MAREŞ, General Manager Plastics Bavaria

1. Plastics Bavaria along with its partners KraussMaffei, Motan Colortonic and Regloplas has been successfully active in Romania in the last 14 years. If in 2002 KraussMaffei machinery were almost inexistent in our country, today we can say that we dominate the segment of technical part, working along with the largest national and international companies. Ford, as well as Renault chose our equipment for heavy components injection, as well as dashboards, door panels and front/rear spoilers, a trend which got perpetuated throughout the suppliers’ chain. That is why we say that the field of plastics has positively developed in Romania.

2. Romanian companies have a big disadvantage due to the fact that Romania is internationally quoted as a low-cost production site, which puts a lot of pressure on the product sale price. The only solution that exists and has already been put into practice is the investment in state of the art technologies that allow efficiency and low costs. For instance, if in the jet extrusion field, the classical exchange of the pipe diameter with another one assumes losses of tons of plastic and the stoppage of the production line for several hours, through QuickSwitch technology from KraussMaffei, this change takes place while the production is still running without any material loss. Thus it was possible to have a competitive product price and production costs allowed a large margin of profit that would ensure the company’s subsequent investments. Like this example, we also offered in Romania technologies such as CoverForm, plastic and polyurethanes injection, extrusion and polyurethanes, technologies that lead to enhancing the competitiveness of Romanian companies. In this context, I am convinced that  the interest shall stay further high regarding the state of the art technologies.

3. There is certainly a lot of work to be done in Romania, in any of the fields. This makes the Romanian industry be even more interesting for us as equipment supplier and determine us to invest and offer state of the art technologies at reduced costs in order to facilitate the growth and competitiveness of our clients.

4. We are just launching within the fair in Düsseldorf, K 2016 a new series of electric injection moulding machines which set new standards in the plastics injection. I believe that the investment in such state of the art technologies and efficient equipment represent a real chance for the Romanian companies to secure a low production cost and enhance competitiveness on the international market.

 Brief description of Plastics Bavaria

We are specialized in plastics extrusion and jet moulding and well as rubber injection machinery. We offer the entire range of equipment and associated services from plastic granulate processing to final product processing. We offer a prompt service and competitive consultancy.

Our partners are:

  • KraussMaffei – injection moulding machines, plastics and rubber extrusion equipment n Motan – conveying systems/drying/sorting and raw material storage
  • Regloplas – tempering units for moulds, compact chillers
  • Reglochill – energy recovery cooling systems
  • Maplan – rubber injection
  • Rapid Granulators – plastics recycling, grinding, graining
  • MTF Technik – conveyors and transport solutions, parts and regrind material sorting.