• Roumanian Industry
Between 22nd-25th May 2019, at Expo Arad, will take place the reference event for the Roumanian industry, focused on the latest solutions the industrial companies need to develop. More than 100 exhibiting companies will greet you at Demo Metal and Demo Plast (Vest), with the proposal to compare the large offer and to choose the
  • B2B meetings
The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania (CCIFER) invite you to the Business Accelerator Forum, which takes place within DEMO PLAST West, on April 11, 2019, from 10:00 to 18:00 at Expo Arad. Business Accelerator Industry is at its 11th edition and brings together companies that buy and companies that sell to create
  • Ecological responsibility and economic opportunities
The notion of Circular Economy has a long history in the plastics industry. There is no question of “if”, but of “how”. How can we increase the amount of plastic in the circuit so that it does not lose its value as a valuable resource? From change to the everyday opportunity of Circular Economy During
Technologically, plastics recycling is not a problem at all today. In-house recycling has now become established right across industry. For plastics processors who work with pure-grade raw materials, the waste-free factory has become commonplace. And for post-consumer wastes, there are increasingly mature reutilisation strategies, enabling the regranulate produced with them to substitute virgin material without
Desiring to better understand the market of plastics in Romania and its evolution possibilities we asked a few questions to the representatives of the big equipment suppliers in the field. We thank thus Mrs. Elena CODECÀ, Executive Managing Director CHORUS ENGINEERING, Mr. Bogdan NESTOR, General Manager WITTMAN BATTENFELD and Mr. Radu MAREȘ, General Manager PLASTICS
Plastic… the key innovation of many products and technologies in various sectors of economy such as pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, power generation, aerospace, automotive, marine, construction, electronics, packaging and textiles. Plastics are more and more present in different sectors, the plastics industry having a share of 5.64% of total manufacturing. In Romania, at the end